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What we believe: At Scott & Mears we believe in honest, ethical debt collection. We are passionate about helping businesses get paid and it is our mission to do this with our clients' best interests at heart. Scott & Mears expertise lies in collecting all types of debt in a compliant regulatory manner, ensuring the customer is treated fairly throughout the collections process.

Our founding:

Scott & Mears Credit Services debt recovery company was founded in 1991 by Bill Baddeley. Bill was disillusioned at the level of service offered to clients in addressing the recovery of their debts, so he decided to create a debt collection agency that had customer service at its core.

A New Leaf:

Joined by Tony Kirton in 2019, with the previous owners going into retirement, Scott & Mears is still very much a family run business. Chris Baddeley and Nicola Duckworth, (the son and daughter of Bill) still play active key roles at Scott & Mears ensuring service and operations remain true to the original ethos and values. They are supported by other experienced professionals who are well-known in the industry.

Infinity & beyond: To be a company of unyielding standards and integrity.

Our reputation for honesty and ethical conduct is tested, proven, and displayed in each action we engage in, and each transaction we make. As your service provider, we will work hard for you when recovering your collections accounts in a timely, efficient, and professional manner. We pledge to always represent you in the highest fashion, while providing a competitive, compliant, and professional service.

Our values:

& compliance:

We demonstrate transparency to clients by providing personal, unrestricted client visits and frequent on-going reporting of results. Our team are always honest and open, with a strong focus on what’s best for our customers, whilst also adhering to the FCA and CSA guidelines

Client Driven

To drive and deliver innovation in the industry Scott & Mears concentrate on the client base rather than the industry at large. We continuously find innovative solutions to support and help make our clients lives easier and stress free.

Corporate & Social Responsibility:

The actions we take as a company are based on some of the key principles made up within CSR including: Accountability, Environment, Ethical Behaviour; to have respect for each other, to maintain stakeholder interests, a keen focus on human rights, and the rule of law. These responsibilities are embedded within the whole team and ethos of the company.


Always delivered through our adherence to high standards, code of conduct, qualities and characteristics of the team, skill sets and polite behaviour.

and inclusion:

We place a keen focus on the welfare and wellbeing of our employees, clients, and their customers. With regular and updated company handbooks, plus excellent working condition, our board is alive to such matters as mental health and wellbeing for all members of staff.

Business sectors we have extensive expertise in

Scott & Mears is fully compliant and operates within the Regulations of the FCA, (Financial Conduct Authority). We are also members of the Credit Services Association (CSA) & the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

Finance & Leasing
Banking, Consumer Recoveries, Debt Purchase Portfolios, Insolvency Evaluation & Recovery
Councils & Housing associations
Funeral Directors
Retail & Manufacturing
Vehicle contact hire
Building and construction

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Meet the Team

Tony Kirton

Chief Operating Officer

Tony has been around the finance industry in excess of 40 years. He has a seasoned reputation for providing effective collection strategies, pragmatic solutions and innovative thought processes designed to maximise recoveries. Compliance and professionalism are the cornerstones upon which Tony is building Scott & Mears.

Chris Baddeley

Managing Director

Chris began his journey at Scott & Mears whilst still at school. 24 years onward, he progressed through the company to become Managing Director. Being the son of the Founder, Chris knows Scott & Mears inside and out. He enjoys problem-solving, helping in any department and is never phased to try new ideas, strategies and the like.

Nicola Duckworth

Director of Performance

Nicola, (the daughter of the Founder), has been a part of Scott & Mears for over 27 years. Nicola has worked in every department over the years, which has played a key role in her ability to continue to drive and deliver the best performance and communications throughout the company.

Kevin Lamb

Director of Strategy

With over 30 years in the debt industry, Kevin has worked in both large and small companies. He enjoys a fine reputation as an innovative strategist who consistently maximises recoveries.